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These are some of the links I have used to get my information from. I must thank all of you out there for giving us such great pages to look at.


Great power wagon info. Power Wagon Web Forum

Dodge Sweptline Registry

Home of the 1961-1971 Dodge Sweptline Registry

The Dodge CSS (Custom Sports Special) Registry

This is where you will find the coolest of all the Dodge trucks ever made, they came with 426 wedge engines stock.

Dodge Power-Wagon Registry

Home of the Dodge Power-Wagon Registry (Vintage)

Dodge Power Wagon Registry (New)

Home of the 2005 and up Dodge Power Wagon Registry

Dodge Power Giant Registry

Home of the Dodge Power Giant Registry

Dodge M37 Registry

Home of the Dodge M37 Registry

Home Of the Polyspherical Engine Association

Everything wideblock can be found here. Very neat page.

1970's Power Wagons

1972 and later power wagons, everything here


Cool Looking W300, additional info is limited

Town Wagons

I don't think I will ever own one, but they are here. Dodge Town Wagons

Rock Auto

Excellent source for aftermarket OEM stuff

Dodge Diesel Trucks

Great page that deals with diesel conversions, lots of pics

Mancini Racing

These guys have all your Mopar Performance needs plus more.

Slant Six Information

Contains information on the trusty slant 6 engine

Mopar Engine History Page

Great site, all about the engines used in our trucks

Kantar Auto Products

Great products for 1934 to 1980 Engines

Summit Racing

Auto parts for your performance vehicle

Dodge Truck VIN Decoder

VIN decoder for a wide variety of Dodge trucks from 1936-1980

Power Wagon Parts

Dennis Sherman's great parts source for Power Wagons

Chrysler Power

CPPA Magazine & Store, this site has a ton of Mopar, Hemi's & Poly products as well as memberships


Neat information on using a winch



Auto Restorer Online

Great help on autobody, etc. Web forum for trucks

Mopar Truck Parts

These guy's have a lot of NOS and used truck parts.

Mopar Mailing List

If you have *any* mopar related questions, please go to this link. Subscribe and get tons of awnsers.

Power Wagon Advertiser

The worlds first power wagon magazine. I didn't know anyone made a magazine for us dodge truck owners. Check out this link!

Floor Mats For Dodge Trucks

Floormats, weather stripping etc. Cheap prices!


Everything about Mopar!!

Hughes Engines

They build mopar engines, they sell parts. This is a great page if you want to build a HP engine.


They have tons of engine parts. whole line of specific mopar performance parts. cheapest electronic ignition kits. Have ballast resistors etc.

Sultan Gear

High quality Dodge Power Wagon hats, t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs and more!

The Custom Shop

61-71 Custom made reproduction body repair panels

Arizona Parts

Large source for NOS Chrysler parts by the numbers, so have your numbers ready. Also literature as well.