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Dodge Sweptline trucks are old, and this creates many problems. First off, the owners of these old trucks are partly crazy, well I know I am. Anyway these old trucks are classics, but they are not done making history, everyday owners find themselves in new situations with their trucks. Upon this page you will find stories which exploit or just plain describe the dilemmas and expeditions that Dodge Sweptline enthusiasts have endured. We encourage you to send any funny, amazing or informative stories to us,  but you must make sure to edit them to the best of your abilities. Please send any literature to swptln69@hotmail.com. Due to restraints in server capacity we cannot guarantee that all stories sent will be published, however, we will do our best. 

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Always Ask Before Ya Go Lookin' At Somebody's Vehicles

Author: Jethro

Vacation in Reno

Author: Jethro

How To Join a Truck Club

Author: Jethro's Wife